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According to what I heard today on NPR while I was driving to work, today is the International Day of Happiness! Funny that this coincides with the first day of spring, which ordinarily would make me very happy. But for the past few days I’ve been fighting the much dreaded seasonal sinus infection that has been going around the office.

Despite that, armed with my amoxicillin, steroid nasal spray, Mucinex, and box of Puffs Plus, I donned my brightest, lime green cashmere sweater, threw on a paisley scarf, and embarked on my day of work filled with the stress and crazy tight schedule that is interviewing candidates and giving a campus tour. And you know what?


Sure, I feel miserable. And I can’t ethically do any crocheting for my Etsy shop because “Snot Covered Amigurumi Turtle” just doesn’t have a great ring to it. But we had fabulous candidates today, and our current students took pity on my bright red nose and helped me out with the hectic schedule. And I have a job. And my daffodils are peaking their heads above the soil. And both cars are running. And the cats are healthy (if not crazy and overprotective). And I have an awesome Kohl’s coupon I’m going to use Saturday. And I get to play outside this weekend (assuming I can breathe through both nostrils). And The Man is healthy (despite the fact he refuses to let me sleep in the other room while I’m sick). And spending last weekend with my mom was overdue but AWESOME (even though she screwed up her back – hi Mom! sorry!) And I found a brand of coffee that I absolutely love. And my new side job doing transcription is fun and I learn random shit. And I found a way to dye my hair using teabags from Pinterest (which I’ll be doing this weekend – eek!)

Those may be weird or stupid reasons to be happy. But I am. Despite all the crap that goes on day to day, I’m going to start looking past all the bad things and realize that if searching for puns on Pinterest makes me happy? So be it. And if crocheting turtles keeps me sane? Fine. And if painting my nails to coordinate with my outfits gives me my jollies? That’s fine too.

I am happy.

Are you?


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