“I wanna celebrate and live my life”

I had a dance party in my car with Taio Cruz blasting on the way home from work. I want to jump and sing and celebrate. I want to go out for a good meal. I want to go on a shopping spree. I want to get my nails done and read a good book. I want to garden. I want to finish painting my living room. All at once.

Hell week at work is over. And our department kicked ass. I finally got recognition. Was told thank you. Was validated.

All the stress was worth it.

For the rest of the week, I will have off, and get to refocus on myself, my house, the cats, and my man. But tonight, I spent some time thinking about how much I’ve been through, how much I have to give, and how no matter what happens, I can get through it. The man and I got to go out tonight to celebrate a good friends birthday, and had a drink to toast him. And I got to toast myself.

And I toast you all too. To my family, coworkers and friends – thank you will never be enough. Thank you for your encouragement, your advice, your kind words, your concern, your hugs, your shared tears, and to one special person – thank you for the first Administrative Assistant Day present I have ever gotten.