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Valentine’s Day Cookies

Happy Valentine’s day! If you’re not already inundated with chocolate and sweets in your house and are looking for something to bake today, look no further! I turned a recipe everyone loved on Christmas into festive Valentine’s Day cookies by adding some sprinkles and sugar hearts to the top.

Recipe here: Eggnog Butter cookies

I went through about 4 batches of these for Christmas – I couldn’t keep them! Everyone who came by the house ended up taking a container of these home, plus we gave cookies to Alexandra’s daycare teachers. I take no credit for these cookies – they aren’t my recipe, but they were definitely a PinWin! I loved the fact that the only thing I needed to buy to make them was cream cheese; everything else the recipe calls for most people already have in their kitchen.

My mother is a huge fan of these cookies so we boxed up some up to mail to her – overnight! – so she’d have a tasty treat for today. I also ordered a super adorable mouse pad for her from Shutterfly, adding pictures of her and Alexandra from the last year. She has no idea that the box will be arriving today so we’re hoping she enjoys her surprise! And I hope all of you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!