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Wishlist Wednesday: Unicorn Obsession

I don’t know if it’s because I have a little girl, or because unicorns are just #trending right now, but we are up to our ears in the mythical creature! I was getting Alexandra dressed this morning and found no less than 4 unicorn shirts in her drawer (not to mention PJs). And I’m not complaining – I have absolutely no problem with this. How cute is this little girl in her sparkly rainbow unicorn gear??

If you want to get on with your sparkly self and celebrate the one-horned magical being, here are some of our favorite unicorn paraphernalia (all toddler approved).

Carter’s Girls’ Short Sleeve Unicorn Flutter Top We own this top (see the pictures above) and I absolutely ADORE the flutter sleeves! How could this be any cuter? It can’t.

Carter’s Girls’ 4 Piece Unicorn Pajama and Rainbow PJ Set I think the majority of the time Alexandra picks her own PJs, these are the ones that come out of her drawer. I especially love PJ sets that come with short and long sleeve options.


Jellycat Bashful Unicorn This little stuffed animal is on our wish list! Alexandra is obsessed with her Jellycat bunny which is suuuuuuuper soft.


Uni the Unicorn This is one of Alexandra’s favorite books (and mine too!) The illustrations are rich and colorful, and the story is so sweet. Maybe it’s because I had a unicorn I named Uni when I was little, but this book has a special place in my heart.


Uni the Unicorn and the Dream Come True This is the sequel and is even more fun about Uni’s adventures and her little girl. Again, the illustrations can’t be beat.


Skip Hop Zoo Toddler Kids Insulated Backpack Eureka Unicorn Another item on our wishlist! I love everything that Skip Hop makes. Alexandra loves carrying her own bag with her so I think this is going to make a great present/surprise for her.


Save Chubby Unicorns Shirt  I couldn’t leave this off my list. I have the crewneck version of this shirt and it never fails to get laughs, especially when I wear it for daycare drop off.


Unicorn Soft rainbow Night Light, LED Could this light be any sweeter?? All of our outlets are behind furniture in Alexandra’s room (and this doesn’t exactly go with my bedroom decor) but I wish we had a place for this little light.


Unicorns are real – Perfect Pallet Petites 6″ X 6″ Wood Wall Art Sign There isn’t much more room for art in Alexandra’s room, but if she’s still unicorn obsessed when she moves into a “big girl” room, this is on our list.


Ginormous Inflatable Magical Unicorn Yard Summer Sprinkler, Stands Over 6 Feet Tall Last but not least, who doesn’t want a GIGANTIC unicorn for their backyard? My family is trying to talk me into buying this  and has offered to get it FOR ME if we’ll put it in our backyard. Not sure how well this would serve us for watering the lawn and gardens, but if it shows up at our doorstep in an Amazon box, I wouldn’t hesitate to set it up.


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