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feline friday sells her soul…

Anyone who knows Luna knows that she isn’t always the friendliest cat. So on Tuesday when the Man had a friend stop by, I was shocked that Luna paid him any attention.

The men had gone to a speaker in Philadelphia, which ended late, so they picked up sandwiches from Wawa on the way home. So with the men and I in the attic, Luna naturally followed. And, shock of all shocks, Luna started rubbing against the friend! This NEVER happens. Curiosity, some sniffing of the hand, sure. Those are normal. But active interest???

It took a few seconds, but we figured out why.


Luna sold out. To chicken. And profited.

IMG_20130925_020132_505This is probably the first and last picture you will ever see of Luna being nice to a guest. She sold her soul for chicken.

Hope you all had an indulgent Feline Friday!