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School Days

Even though I haven’t found a new job yet, we decided to keep Alexandra in daycare two days a week. There are times when I have felt guilty about it, but then I see her playing with her friends, clapping during music time, and getting excited when we pack her lunch bag.


I cannot tell you enough how much she loves her bag and how much easier it has made my life. When she moved from the baby room to the toddler room there were lots of tears: some tears were on her part because she loved her teacher, and some were on mine because baby was growing up! Also, we had a new challenge: she had to exclusively feed herself. Alexandra has been happily munching away on solids for a long time now, but the challenge is that for breakfast she usually has yogurt or cereal. Can she use a spoon? Sort of. She gets the dipping motion, but not so much the scooping. In the baby classroom, they helped them eat. Not so much in the “big kid” room.

I started searching online for containers to bring her lunch in. I didn’t want things getting soggy, and because they serve fruit for the afternoon snack, I needed to pack things separately. For the first few weeks, I used all the tiny containers I had been saving her puree in when I was making her food. That didn’t work because they all jumbled together and then the teachers had to open 4 or 5 containers for her for lunch.

There were some fabulous bento boxes for little ones online, but a lot were expensive, and I still had to pack her drink cups. I finally found the perfect solution: the Rubbermaid LunchBlox Lunch Bag! It has fun patterns, its own interlocking containers and ice block, and room for 2 different drink cups on the sides! We ordered it along with our self-laminating Lil’ Labels , used it for the first time, and have not turned back. The great thing is the inside is roomy enough to also put her reusable Squeasy Snacker and a special treat.Ā I cannot recommend this bag enough! And another plus? She looks absolutely adorable when she asks to wear it šŸ™‚

All packed up and ready to go!


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