crazy cat lady, feline friday

sunny feline friday

It was beautifully sunny when I got home from work today but oddly no kitties came to greet me at the back door. So I went upstairs and found the little one.

IMG_20140321_180637_502Needless to say, he was so sleepy and warm that he didn’t even move while I snapped some photos. You see, it’s almost his birthday which I think he knows. So if he behaves, he thinks he’ll make out well with presents.

IMG_20140321_180943_736The only complication to our little photoshoot was that my ring was casting rainbows on the wall which caught his interest.

IMG_20140321_180938_936But that’s okay. I got the winning shot.

IMG_20140321_181102_882Hope you all had a fabulously happy and sunny feline friday!






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