musings, the husband

tick tock

It seems like there is never enough time. Always an endless pile of laundry, dishes to be cleaned, dust bunnies lurking in corners. And add to that my projects. There are baseboards to be painted, radiator covers to be refinished, and paint swatches to decide on.

Recently the man started a new job. We were thrilled because we would be working at the same place.  The only problem? They put him on the night shift.

So now there are 3 waking hours every day that we can spend together. I have weekends off, he doesn’t. When I’m getting ready for bed, he’s getting ready for work. And I don’t sleep when he’s not home.

It’s been quite an adjustment for both of us.  The kitchen remains undecorated, but enjoyed every day even if it’s just making a cup of coffee. I’m still amazed some days how much lighter and happier the kitchen feels.  The red backsplash pops, the floor invites you in, and the cabinets and walls look clean.

We’ve purchased a few items, but we’re not done yet. I’ve narrowed down what phone we’re getting, we got a vintage style microwave (yes, they exist!), and even an antique depression glass juicer scored at a recent estate sale.  The pieces are coming together.

So sometime soon, dear readers, I will update you. But for now I’m enjoying the minutes I have with the man – every one – and just letting the house be.