green thumb

manual labor marathon

Thursday was my Mom’s birthday. My gift to her this year (because we don’t really have disposable income) was lunch with a friend, and me! By “me”, of course, I mean manual labor.  Mom got to go pick out all the flowers that she wanted at the store, and I planted them for her.  The only problem is we had two giant rose bushes that had grown out of control to remove first.

After about an hour of digging, thinking we were going to try to salvage them, I was victorious!

2013-04-27 13.36.48

Luckily I was wearing gloves, because the thorns are a bitch.

2013-04-27 13.37.20By Saturday evening, we had the garden planted. I drove back to my house, and today attacked my own yard again. No fancy before and after pictures, but safe to say I will be stocking up on aspirin and a good book for the next few days.

I’m glad I got to spend the time at my mom’s and still get stuff done at my place. Just sad to see Monday coming so quickly.