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feline friday goes to the vet

Today did NOT start out well for one of us. (Well, for two of us because the security alarm went off at charmingly early time of 6:36 a.m. and I was way too under caffeinated for policemen in my house at that hour.)

2013-08-30 07.52.44
glaring at dad

But on to the primary victim of today’s events… Yes, that would be Luna in her carrier, in the car, with the man holding her. And NOT so happy. Luna has seasonal allergies and this year they are really bad. She has been digging at her ears and rubbing her eyes so badly that she’s cutting herself with her claws. She has been absolutely miserable, to the point where she’s no longer sleeping in the bed with me at night.

Luna doesn’t go to the vet often so I was nervous how she’d react in the office but she was pretty calm.

2013-08-30 08.10.30
calm before the storm

And once she realized there were things to explore, she was okay with it all.

2013-08-30 08.11.44
there’s cars and dogs and people… oh my!

After some poking and prodding, and the vet and vet tech calling Luna a “star” when they found out she had her own section on my blog, Luna became an A-1 bitch. As the vet said, “This is not a happy feline friday.”

Turns out Luna has an ear infection so we now have drops and prednisone. I figured I’d let the vet cut her nails and save me the hassle. 15 minutes later, I was informed she had pooped, peed all over the place, and then tried to escape. They had to put a kitten muzzle on her, then make her into a kitty burrito, and wearing leather gloves for protection, it took three of the techs to cut her nails.

So, my most sincere apologies to the fabulous people at the VCA Old Marple Animal Hospital, especially Dr. Amy Will-Schlechtweg and the nameless veterinary assistant who took care of Luna and put up with her most egregious behavior. And thank you for making her feel better.

2013-08-30 07.54.38
a paw for reassurance