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The things she ate

Four years ago today, Abby came into our lives. We didn’t know it yet, but we had a seriously devilish puppy on our hands who would test our patience (and the strength of items in our house) on a regular basis. We know now that we are blessed with an amazingly loving, patient, and loyal dog. But then, we were just considering giving her drugs to make her calm down.

In honor of her adoptaversary, here’s a look back on some of the most spectacular things Abby ate as a puppy.

Her cage. She managed to pry back the bars of the front with her teeth, kick out the tray, and then eat the carpet underneath.


A down pillow. It looked at her funny.IMG_20141101_182209_436

A remote for our cable box.IMG_20141020_173653_086

The box to her DNA test kit.IMG_20141020_091008_033

The RSVP card for a wedding we were going to.IMG_20140922_210622_457

An entire roll of toilet paper.IMG_20140828_212023_989

My work. The dog did not eat my homework, but it did eat applications to the graduate program I worked for.


My office. Lots and lots of things in my office. Books, magazines, incense, and CDs. Oh, and A PAIR OF GLASSES.IMG_20140812_174454_982

The back door. Yes, she CHEWED ON THE WOOD OF THE BACK DOOR. Because we adopted a termite.IMG_20140714_175926_918

Her own water bowl. Hydration is for losers apparently.IMG_20140504_180647_925

A remote for our cable box. AGAIN. She tried EATING THE BATTERIES.1228141800a

A highlighter. The evidence was clear. She couldn’t get out of this one or blame it on the cat.1212141455b

A bag of raw red potatoes. 0602151825

And finally, lemons. The dog tried eating a bag of lemons.1107151117c

You’re lucky we love you Abby. Happy adoptaversary.