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It’s national blogging month! I feel like a slacker, because I keep meaning to post something for you few faithful who come back and look for new entries and pictures of my adventures in restoration. And I feel guilty when I don’t post. I’ve decorated for the fall and cleaned out the garden beds and took the first steps in restoring two more radiator covers, but nary a post from me.

It’s the familiar time of year where, as the day light hours grow shorter and the temperature falls, my motivation wanes.  My kitchen makeover is completed for the most part – still waiting for a neighbor who volunteered to install baseboards – and I’m thrilled. I originally did the kitchen because the man always cooked and I was grateful and wanted to give him a spruced up, clean place to do it in. Our deal has been that as long as he’s in school, and I’m working full time, he did the cooking. And man was I spoiled! Because the man now works nights, though, the cooking duties have fallen to me. The up side is that I’m finally enjoying cooking. The downside… well there is no downside except for the fact that I have to clean the stove top a lot more often.

While I worked on the kitchen, I put the living room project on hold.  My living room is 75% done. All that is left is to paint the woodwork. Some of you may think I’m crazy that I think that’s 25% of the room.  I’m not. You haven’t seen my woodwork. It’s insane. Beautiful, and gorgeous, and primed, but insane. A third of the room is taped and ready to go, but I just can’t find the motivation to do it.

I had the same procrastination bug last year and got over it eventually.  I’ve been cleaning, organizing, and throwing things out like crazy which feels good. And after the hurricane, where so many people from back home – Long Island – lost so much, I feel incredibly grateful that the house went unharmed. Now I just have to show the house some love, let it know how much I appreciate it. Here’s to hoping that this weekend I finally do finish the living room.

Here’s a sneak peak of what the living room was ….