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Room Makeover Complete!

It’s been so long since I’ve shared anything that we’ve done to our house and I have been waiting so long to share this room makeover but I really wanted everything just right before doing so. This room has been a year and a half in the making and well worth the wait!

Most houses on our block have a small patio off the living room, but the previous owners of our house enclosed the patio to make a great extra living space. They used it as their TV room, but it’s such a long, awkward space that we decided our TV would be in the bigger living area. I’ve always called this small room the music room because it is where my piano lives, but now it can officially receive its new moniker: the playroom!


Right before Alexandra was born, we had wall to wall carpeting installed over the disgusting sheet vinyl and it was the best decision we ever could have made for the room. Not only did it make it warmer, but the super duper padding makes it an excellent play area, and the light carpet color we chose really brightens up the room which already gets fabulous natural light. Dedicating a room to just playtime meant that a lot of things had to find new homes, and it’s been quite a process. It’s still somewhat ongoing (our filing unit on the right still serves as a changing table) but we’re so far from where we came and Alexandra has officially taken over.

Toy storage is probably the bane of most mom’s existence. When I saw the gorgeous color of this Ikea Kallax unit, I knew that it was the one. I ordered these awesome 3 Sprouts Storage Boxes from Amazon and they fit perfectly.


She loves her Little Tikes Cozy Shopping Cart which she got as a birthday gift. One of her new favorite pastimes is “shopping” in the house. Her recent purchases have been cat food, my sunglass case, a scarf, and one of daddy’s workboots. This little girl also loves to help me vacuum with her own little Dyson Ball Vacuum!


A really special addition to the room was her play table. It was made by my grandfather before I was even born – probably in the 50’s – along with the little chair. I played on it when I was little, and for now while Alexandra is still too short to really use it, it serves as our new family member Fifi’s home. I also finally finished our photo gallery (I’ll blog about that later) which is perfect above the table. She received her Turtle Ball Pit when she was a baby and still loves it. We occasionally do have to fish items out of it that don’t belong in there (like spoons and socks). And her turtle sits on a pile of extra pillows from our couches that she loves to pull out and flop on.


The fun thing about her toys is all the vintage ones from my own childhood that Alexandra loves as much as I did, like more sorting rings and foam blocks. I absolutely love walking into this room now, especially when everything is put away and neat and organized. It gives me such a sense of peace and joy every morning when we go in to feed Fifi and get some books to read.

If you’re looking to add some fun to your own playroom, click on the picture links below to find some of the products and toys in my pictures! I hope your little one loves them as much as we do.


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