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Cooking for 2.5

I don’t consider myself a great cook. I can’t just open my fridge and whip up something amazing for dinner, but I’m very good at following recipes. Now that our little one is eating everything we do, I’ve started to make more of an attempt to make every meal healthier, and turn less to take out (to also save some dough… haha! get it? dough? a cooking post? moving on….)

I have several cookbooks that are my go-to, especially my Crock-Pot Slow Cooker Bible. I am absolutely in love with my slow cooker, but the only problem is a lot of the recipes take 8 hours on low if you want it to be super tasty, and with the little one “helping”, prep for a nighttime meal often can’t happen until she’s down for a nap. So I’ve been turning to my other trusty cookbook aka Pinterest!

I probably have hundreds of pins in my Food Corner category and have been slowly going through them and actually deleting some that either I know I’ll never make, or just seem way too time intensive or above my skill level, especially because I don’t need to make it to any Top Ten Pinterest Fails lists. Last week I had a PinWin and just had to share.

I found this recipe for chicken with a lemon garlic cream sauce among my pins and just knew I had to try it. I love lemony chicken and it looked super easy. The bonus to the recipe was that I already had all the ingredients except for shallots in my fridge so I didn’t have to do any crazy shopping. I paired the chicken with some fresh steamed broccoli and egg noodles. Both the hubs and the little one loved this meal!

Tonight I’ll be attempting a sheet pan London Broil recipe that I found on Pinterest as well…. wish me luck!