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feline friday guest kitty edition!

Recently, my girlfriend Season’s kitty had an altercation with a casement window where the window didn’t think it should stay up, and her kitty Mary-Alice’s paw got caught. I can honestly say, reading that, I was glad for the first time since we’ve moved in the house that we don’t have casement windows.  

Season and her husband Josh took the kitty to the vet where she was NOT happy and attacked husband and vet alike.  However, she is okay. Home on pain meds, though, Mary-Alice can’t go up and down the stairs.  Season posted the most hysterical status on Facebook about how Mary-Alice is milking this for all it’s worth, and figured out what suckers they are for her, because they now have to carry her up and down the stairs. “Naturally, she is now abusing this and every few minutes or so, will go to the stairs and begin to meow in the weakest, saddest meows she can muster until I come over and get her.” So naturally, like a good friend, I begged for pictures. 

Here is what Season told me:

Funny thing about taking pictures of cats, when you actually want to, they want nothing to do with the camera.

Anyway, after a bit of stalking and attempting to conceal the camera, I give you Mary-Alice, at the top of the stairs begging to be carried back down. (Unfortunately, as this is a still picture, you do not get to hear the sad, weak mews of her plight.)

So dear readers, I present our kitty guest, Mary-Alice!

The empress waiting at the stairs


And, bonus guest star Laina:

I'm waiting....
I’m waiting….

And as a SPECIAL bonus, Josh’s finger!

kitty teeth vs. fingernail…OWWWW


Happy Feline Friday! Send healing kitty thoughts to Mary-Alice (and Josh!)