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I’m sure you’ve noticed that it’s become very quiet around this blog these days.  It seems like with the winter my motivation always goes out the window.  I haven’t started any new projects on the house yet.

Valentine’s Day was passed just like any other day. The man and I went out for a date on Friday night to our favorite sushi place, courtesy of a gift card from a dear friend. It was the first time in a long time that we weren’t rushed and were able to just sit and enjoy each others company.


It’s been quiet here. The windows creek and sigh in the wind, and often the only sound on the weekends is the soft rapping of keyboard keys, the cats padding up and down the stairs searching for the warmest patch of sun, and the soft deep breathing of the man asleep, exhausted from working overnights.

The crock pot has become a lifeline these days, filling the house with delicious smells and allowing me to spend most of the weekends and evenings just sitting, enjoying the silence and calm that winter provides.  The streets are quiet after dark this time of year, and I find myself hunkering down with a cup of pomegranate tea rather than sanding or chiseling or painting.


I’ve enjoyed the break. I’ve enjoyed the peace that the living room renovation has provided; stepping into the living room is like stepping into peace and quiet domesticity, everything in its place.

Some nights I turn on the radio or TV and crochet, often with Luna huddled next to me, Loki off somewhere in the house looking for mice. In Loki’s defense, I have been encouraging the mouse hunting, but at least they’ve benefited from my crocheting time.2013-01-12_00-41-13_332

So while I spend the rest of the winter weeks holed up in my house just enjoying it, thank you for continuing to check back in on me.