a snowy St. Patrick’s Day greeting

Unbelievably, it went from mid 50’s over the weekend, to SNOW this morning, and quite a bit of it! Thankfully it was just a delayed opening so I was able to bring a haul into work from my co-workers from my favorite Long Island bakery Riesterer’s, including the most amazing Irish Soda bread and leprechaun cookies.

I decided to wear a very warm, cream colored sweater this morning, but I decked out in a Connemara marble necklace that was my great Aunt’s, along with the Connemara marble Celtic knot bracelet that the Man gave me on our wedding day. And, of course, I had to do my nails.

ignore all the fuzz from my sweater!

I originally was just going to paint my nails green with the gold glitter, but then while the Man was trying to fix my (then) crashed laptop, he made a joke about how I should have done a flag on one of my nails. Lo and behold I happen to own both white and orange nail polish šŸ™‚

Hope everyone had a festive and safe Saint Patrick’s day!


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