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seven year itch

It’s hard to admit, but I’ve officially reached that point in my relationship where I have the seven-year itch. No, not my marriage. My relationship with my house.

Friday was the seven-year anniversary of moving into our home. It’s amazing how far our home has come – removing wallpaper, gutting a bathroom, fixing up a kitchen, ripping out bushes …. I’ve shared a lot of it on this blog. It’s the whole reason this blog was created. The amount of labor that has gone into this house is astounding, but it’s still not done.

I’ve taken a long break – about 21 months (my toddler’s age) to be precise – from doing any real improvements to the house, and I’m starting to get the feeling that it’s time to start again. Things are starting to drive me nuts, from the speckles of paint on all the stair treads that need to be cleaned up, to the overgrown yucca plant in the front garden bed that needs to come out, and finally the overwhelming desire I’ve had since the day we moved in to whitewash the fireplace.

Considering I still haven’t been able to find a job I have plenty of time to do everything. The only complication now is that I have a very adorable 21-month-old helper who doesn’t understand her limitations and loves saying, “No, MINE!” Not sure I’m ready to entrust her with a paintbrush yet, but I think now that the rain is finally stopping, it’s time to start loving this house again (and maybe help my daughter refine her screwdriver skills).