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Wishlist Wednesday: Nail Obsession

I gave up getting my nails almost 8 years ago now and I don’t regret it a bit. It wasn’t necessarily a conscious decision, but I lost my job just before I got married and that manicure before our wedding was one of my last because I needed to cut costs somewhere. I’m lucky that I’ve always been good at doing my own nails. And saving money on going to a salon has means that I’ve built up a pretty impressive (and obsessive!) collection of nail polish over the years.


I love buying new colors, and it’s my one true little indulgence these days with a toddler in tow. I recently decided to drag out my stash and organize it (with the help of my toddler) and decided to write down all the nail polish colors that I own so that I don’t buy any duplicates! I don’t do makeup on a daily basis, but chances are no matter what I’m wearing or how many days I’ve gone without properly washing my hair, my nails will be done!

It may seem impossible to do your own nails when you have a little one, but having a few simple items – cuticle nippers, good top coat, good base coat, and good nail corrector pen – are my keys to giving myself a fabulous manicure (usually late at night!), no matter what color you choose to go with.

Tweezerman Professional Stainless Steel Rockhard Cuticle Nipper 1/2 Jaw I think having a good pair of cuticle nippers is key to having a neat look to your nails. If you’ve never used them before, be careful. These are my favorites and I’ve owned them for more years than I can count. They keep a nice sharp edge and are super precise.

Essie Millionails Treatment I recently switched to this as my go-to base coat. It kept my nails super strong and flexible during the Easter weekend when I was constantly cleaning, washing, chopping, and cooking. My nail polish didn’t crack or chip once!

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat Clear High Gloss Professional Nail Polish – 0.5oz Pack of 2 This is, by far, my favorite top coat ever. When it says fast it’s not lying. I have literally done my nails and gone to bed within an hour and haven’t had a single dimple in the polish. It gives a super shiny finish that makes my nails look luxurious and keeps them chip-free for ten days or more!

OPI Nail Lacquer Remover, Corrector Pen, 0.13 fl. oz. Having a nail corrector pen is key in my book. No matter how careful you are doing your nails, you’ll inevitably get some on the cuticle and nothing drives me crazier! This gives you a lot of control to get those little smudges or overflow bits under control without jeopardizing the rest of the nail.

Essie Master Plan This is one of my favorite colors, and the one that I’m currently sporting in my featured image. It’s a lovely neutral gray with a hint of warmth that looks good on just about everyone. It goes with every outfit and makes your hands look super clean.

essie Nail Color Polish, Island Hopping This is one of my new favorite purchases! I bought this color to do my nails for Easter and absolutely love it. It’s a lovely shade that, just like its predecessor angora cardi, can go well with any skin tone.


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