toddler adventures

Story Time

One of the best parts of my day is when Alexandra brings me one of her books to read. Even better is when we finish, and she does the sign for and says “more, more”. Those snuggled up story times are ones that I hold dear because I know that they won’t last forever. As her vocabulary grows, the way she interacts with each book changes. She points to different things, wanting to know their names, and now even “helps” me trace the letters in her alphabet book.

Someone sent me a message on Instagram yesterday asking me what book was poking out of the laundry hamper in the picture I posted. So I figured I’d share some of our favorite books! Clicking on the picture will take you directly to the link for the book on Amazon. What are some of your favorite books for toddlers? Comment below! We’d love to expand our library 🙂

 This is the book that was in the laundry basket. We discovered this book at the doctor’s office and absolutely fell in love with it! It is what I consider a “big girl book” because it’s not a board book, but she’s super careful turning the pages when we read it at night. I’ve always been a fan of Jane Yolen myself, so I was super excited she loved this book.
 I cannot say enough good things about this book! Obviously, it teaches ABC’s, but the illustrations have texture and the animals are made up of everyday objects. There are so many fun things to look at and explore on each page!

 I love all the Baby Lit books! This one is super colorful with plenty of flowers, which is perfect just in time for spring! Alexandra received a few of these when she was born and we’ve added to the collection. She loves this one in particular.

 I love all the Little Owl books! I bought her the Day and Night books for her first Christmas. The illustrations are adorable and she loves all things Owl related. They’re great for learning the names of animals.

 This is a lovely addition to Little Owl’s day and night books. She already loved Owl and his friends, and now we can learn about all the colors, too!

 This book is simply adorable. Just like the Owl books, it’s great for learning the names of animals and counting, too! It’s extremely interactive as there are lots of little things hidden in the illustrations on each page.

 This is one of our new favorites. When I saw it in the store, I’ll have to admit I teared up because I had a stuffed unicorn that I named Uni when I was little. When Alexandra’s aunt gave her this book, I was thrilled. The colors are so vibrant and the story is just precious. I can’t wait to get Alexandra the sequel to this!

 I have this book memorized. It is absolutely one of Alexandra’s favorites, and we have the very small board book so it’s almost “pocket-sized” for toddlers. She actually started putting this book in her purse to carry around the house. No matter what is going wrong in her life (like mom said no jumping on the couch = tears) this book makes her happy.

 Also a “pocket-sized” toddler book, we love the rhyming and illustrations in this. Now that she knows animals better, she actually finds this silly at times. I love that she’s making those kinds of connections!


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