feline friday

feline friday got a root canal

Don’t worry – the kitties didn’t have dental work done but I spent an hour of my afternoon getting a root canal! I’d say it was horrible and nasty and terrifying… well I’m always terrified of the dentist so that part is true… but the rest of it was fine! I am lucky to have an amazing dentist who, with the help of a little Nitrous, can actually get me to relax.  He hums and chats the whole time, and the music in the office isn’t that bad, so the time passes insanely quick. The man drove me there and back because I was so nervous.

After we got home, I went upstairs to get some yarn to go crochet, and a miracle happened.

IMG_20140131_153355_217Both cats. LAYING NEXT TO EACH OTHER. And until I walked into the room they were asleep so I had to grab my cell phone and quickly snap a pic.  So that I couldn’t get more photographic evidence, Luna quickly decided to leave…

IMG_20140131_153406_093She doesn’t want me to think she tolerates him.

Hope you all had a good feline friday!




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