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let the shopping begin! holiday idea list # 1

Ever since our finances changed when I lost my job a couple years ago and then bought a house (still boggles my mind), shopping for anything other than paint and spackle has pretty much been a dream.  But that doesn’t mean that I don’t get all the catalogs and emails that detail every pretty/sparkly/tempting deal that I could get on clothing, knick knacks and what have you.

What I did to combat the temptation was digitally bookmark the items that I really, really, really, really wanted so that I could revisit later if I had spending money. So now what I have is a long list of things that I would love to own, but don’t really need, but would be awesome.  So, I figured I’d share with you all as you may have holiday shopping ahead of you and some of these things are just plain fun.

Today, I’ll share some items from the site which has some adorable accessories anyone is sure to love. (Click on the collage to view larger in a new tab)

Mochi Collage

1. Rabbit Ears Memo Board  2.  Kitty Earphone Cap 3. Basic Purse Organizer v2
4. Mini Book Stand  5. Wool Smartphone Touch Gloves  6. Cat Earring Holder
7.  Anne of Green Gables Scheduler  8.  Poste Smartphone Wallet

Hope you have fun browsing and shopping! What sites do you love for quirky gifts? Maybe they’ll be my next post!


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