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Looking for fabulous

It’s been a while since I started my kitchen project. Just about a month. And while I would love to say it’s done and I’ve been cooking like a fiend and just haven’t had time to update my blog, I can’t. Well, I could but it would be a blatant lie. And now I need help.

In reality, what I’ve been doing is decorating the kitchen. You would think that you just need to put your appliance back where they belong, throw a couple nice towels over the towel bar, and voila – kitchen! And I could. I could share all my pictures now and be done with it. But what is lacking in the kitchen are the finishing touches.

Right now we’re looking for a telephone, a poster, and a clock. Simple, yes, but because I’m trying to keep the kitchen accents period appropriate, I have become psychotic.  Right now, my search for the perfect telephone is consuming my internet time.

I thought of buying a reproduction Bakelite telephone, but with so many eBay and Etsy people selling the real thing, I decided that an antique is the only option.

This morning on CBS Sunday morning, they did a story on kitchen islands. One of the people they interviewed talked about how the kitchen became a social space and how a kitchen can be “functional and fabulous too”.

So here is where I need help: where do you find your antiques? Anyone have some fabulous sources that I could check out?


3 thoughts on “Looking for fabulous”

  1. Too bad you dont live around here. there are soooo many antique shops in my area! Sturbridge MA is especially awesome on sundays for antique-ing. maube i’ll take ya one day of your ever up during the laye spring/ summer or fall.

  2. If you lived in Sweden I could recommend you lots of antique shops, :). I know the feeling of becoming “obsessed” with finding the right object to ones house….

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