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The finish line…

Sometimes I think the hardest part of a project is finishing it up.

Today I took the last (hopefully) trip to Home Depot to pick up trim paint and coving that I’ll need to complete the kitchen project.  In some ways I’m not surprised that I haven’t finished yet. It was a whirlwind 9 days from the moment I began painting the ceiling to the moment the man walked through the front door to see the reveal.

I’ve noticed a trend in my house though. When I come up against something that is frustrating, I tend to walk away for a while. I did that with the living room where all the baseboards and the crown moulding needs to be painted, and in another guest room where the paint failed (I hate you Valspar) and the whole room needs to be redone.

I refused to not finish the kitchen, though. It has been such a joy to walk in the backdoor each day after work to the brighter, cheerier space I’ve created. So I know I’ll finish. Hopefully tomorrow will bring more motivation and energy than today did.

What do you do when you get frustrated?


2 thoughts on “The finish line…”

  1. I usually put on some positive music, like ABBA and dance like crazy to break the feeling of frustration. But sometimes it doesn’t help and then I sit in my car and scream until I can’t scream anymore, :). I sit in the car because I don’t want my neighbours to worry about me getting killed.

    1. Oh, Marianne, I simply LOVE the idea of sitting in the car and screaming!!! I don’t know if I’d have to do that though… my neighbors know me well enough that they would probably just figure I was fighting with moulding or caulk 🙂

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