this crazy life

this little finger…

This little finger is going to the surgeon 😦


I thought it was odd that the day after the injury I couldn’t feel the tip of my finger. The Man and I gave it until late on Sunday to remove the dressing because it felt like I had pulled a stitch and I had bled through the dressing overnight. It was then that I realized I actually couldn’t feel the side of my finger from the middle knuckle to the tip.

I was able to get in with the hand specialist on Monday – he squeezed me in thankfully. Short story? I’ll be going in for surgery on the 10th. It turns out, in my infinite talent and grace, that I managed to either mangle or sever a nerve, and possible damaged the tendon. It explains why I don’t have much pain, but is the oddest sensation in the world.

Keep my poor little finger in your thoughts and prayers!