this crazy life

After the storm

From Friday at about 6:30 pm to Sunday at around 5:00 pm, our house was without power thanks to several old trees that took out power lines and poles around the block from us. We were among the lucky ones that had someplace to go. We packed up toddler, dog, cat, and fish – along with the salvageable contents of our fridge and freezer – and camped at the in-laws for the majority of the outage.

On the plus side, my fridge and freezers are now very clean! On the bad side, We are preparing for another storm here in the Philly burbs, right after getting smacked in the face by that lovely nor’easter last week. I had gone to the grocery store just before the last storm for my weekly shopping and had to go again this Monday to replace the basics. Now, though, I’m paranoid about losing power again. We live in an area with A LOT of old trees. Every time we have a tropical storm or hurricane come close, I anxiously watch the giant pine tree that towers over our house sway like a ragdoll, terrified it’s going to come down.

We had one tree from the property behind us fall down onto our property but it did no major damage so we were lucky. And part of the reason we didn’t lose much of the food in our storage freezer was that it was almost full. We really were very lucky, with no damage to our cars or property either. I’m feeling very grateful, but also very anxious for the next storm that’s coming. If you look at all the predictions, we’re either getting 4 inches or 12 inches of snow.

Losing power didn’t really bother me or make me nervous before. Now there’s a toddler and all of her paraphernalia and schedule to consider in the chaos of being displaced. Today will be a busy one. In addition to starting to edit a client’s dissertation, doing transcription, getting a newsletter I do the layout for to the printer, and some of the weekly cleaning done, I’ll be making sure all of our ice packs, coolers, and supplies are ready to go again.

Hope everyone is staying safe during this crazy weather! Spring can’t come soon enough!


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