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Holiday Wrap Up


Where did the holidays go?? It seems like yesterday I was putting up the nativity and the tree, and now we’re already in 2018. I hope everyone had as amazing a holiday season as I did. Having a 16 month old for Christmas is both terrifying (is the tree going to remain standing) and thrilling (the presents! Santa! cookies!) and full of love (grandparents and aunts and cousins, oh my!) and I couldn’t have been more blessed.

Also, I was spoiled. IMG_20171221_135847

I got a KitchenAid Stand Mixer for Christmas, and because of the wonders of Amazon’s packaging, I didn’t have to wait for the 25th – they shipped it in its original box so the hubby had no choice but to let me open it early! I was a baking fool. Almost everyone got baked goods for Christmas this year. After the baking bug hit, I also decided to make two different desserts for Christmas day, both of which turned out fabulous.

Of course, the little one had an amazing time. She received some fabulous presents and has mastered the art of unwrapping (although she is a bit slow) and has the most IMG_20171225_194117fabulous squeal of joy when she discovers what’s inside. For the record, her blocks got just as a big a squeal as the Gerber yogurt melts that were in her stocking, so this kid isn’t picky – she just likes unwrapping things.

New Year’s Eve was quiet. We had just gotten back from a few days of travelling, so we ordered in, hunkered down, and had a very quiet (ignoring the fireworks in the neighborhood) night. And now, here we are! The third day of a brand new year to start over and start new things. I’m not going to make any formal resolutions this year other than being good to myself and others, and enjoying every moment no matter how frustrating or tiring.


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