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garden bliss

Nothing much is going on inside the house yet as far as spring reno goes, but the gardens are doing all the work on their own outside, and they’re gorgeous! This past weekend was World Naked Gardening Day, and while I didn’t garden naked, I definitely continued working on the yard. Even without much effort, spring is in full effect on our property. The tulips are all up…


Gemima the Geranium is happy in her planter with some ivy, and we have a new bush in the front named Arbie (because he’s an Arborvitae… duh). I figured if you name them, they will grow.

notice the one lonely yellow daffodil?

Penelope the Peacock  now lives under our gorgeous cherry tree surrounded by hostas…

pink goodness

And this year she has been joined by Priscilla the Peacock WHO HAS A SOLAR LIGHT BELLY!!!! (My mom told The Man that we were buying her and he though we were kidding… HA!)

SO CUTE! (husband thinks I’m a dork)

She is very happy with the flowering quince, tickseed, and bleeding heart that are all sprouting up and thriving. And of course, you can’t forget the herbs and veggies and such!

happy planters!

From left to right we have chives, black cherry tomatoes (first time growing), strawberries (first time growing), a super 100 cherry tomato plant(same as last year), a full size tomato plant (no idea what variety), and on the fence (soon to be power washed and stained – yay for container planting!) we have German thyme and cilantro!

So far the tiny little fence has kept the groundhogs away from the strawberries (he dug them up the first night), and he seems to have no interest in the tomatoes so far. Not pictured, we’re also growing an eggplant for the first time. We figure we’ll see how everything does this year and if we have any luck, and next year we have plans to make a quite large veggie bed in the back of the property.

Last but not least, I’ve been fighting a (losing) battle against the rose of sharon which, this year, has decided it wants to grow IN THE LAWN. So if anyone wants some, come and get it!

sharon is DEAD
sharon is DEAD

I can’t wait to borrow our neighbors power washer for all our paver walls, the fence, and the cement patio pad. I think it will make a world of difference, and since I took the pictures over a week ago everything has started filling out and all the weeds have been pulled and leaves swept up. We are religiously using the composter earlier this season than last because we were so impressed by what we got from last year that I can’t wait to see what we do if we’re diligent with adding to it.

This weekend I’m going to visit my mom and do a lot of container planting, and then it’s back to renovation! I have the door to my office that I finally need to refinish and hang thanks to Abby’s inability to control herself (more on that later!) and a lot of wood work that I need to start painting. All in good time! Reno season is finally here!!!


2 thoughts on “garden bliss”

  1. I have moles I’m trying to keep from ruining my garden. The rabbits and squirrels don’t really touch much except for the raspberries. The moles ruin the ground. There’s a giant ground hog that lives next door. He basically stays there. 🙂

    1. We’re lucky that we don’t have moles but we sure do have groundhogs! We have a couple that frequent the backyard but so far I haven’t caught them using my veggie garden as a salad bar 🙂

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