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birthday joy

I am blessed to have quite an amazing woman as a mother, and equally blessed that I got to spend her birthday with her yesterday.  We shopped, we had a fabulous lunch, and made plans for when I’ll be back on Mother’s Day. As I was packing up to go back to my house, I found a photo that my fairy godmother had given my mom for me to see. It was priceless.


Judging from the bottle on the table, this was probably the summer of 1982. My gorgeous mother, enjoying the beautiful weather. She may very well attempt to murder me for posting this on my blog, but I don’t care. I don’t know what it is about it, but I absolutely love this photo. She just looks so carefree and beautiful. Happy birthday, mom. I love you with all my being.


2 thoughts on “birthday joy”

  1. Thank you! I was carefree because you were such a beautiful and loving child who grew up to be an amazing daughter, woman and friend.

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