this crazy life

just checking in…

It seems like as the days grow longer my to-do list is expanding exponentially! We still haven’t solved our bathroom debacle (a.k.a. the lack thereof) and work just seems to get busier and busier as the spring semester moves rapidly forward. It’s hard to believe that spring break is right around the corner because of all the snow and ice on the ground, but I’m optimistic that as the daylight hours grow maybe I’ll dig out of my funk (personal, home, and professional) and make some progress on things!

We had a very crazy weekend with our 4+ inches of snow.Our friend Michele (who happens to be a co-worker) had back to back events on Saturday which essentially left her stuck either having to drive well over an hour home in the crazy snow and possibly get stuck on dangerous back roads, or staying the night at our place. She chose the latter (yay!) which was fabulous because we got “paid” in chocolate chip cookies! I have to say, though, that cooking dinner unexpectedly for someone who is an amazing cook with actual talent is very nerve wracking, but she very politely didn’t complain 🙂 (And I realized that my freezer is severely lacking in “last minute meal” components!)

And no crazy weekend is complete without Abby managing to do something monumentally stupid, which this time consisted of her tearing one of her nails off while playing. She was running around enjoying the snow Saturday night when we brought her in to discover a blood paw. She had split the nail but it stopped bleeding. Then on Sunday morning, more craziness ensued, and she decimated what remained of the nail, so hello Vet ER!


She didn’t mind the bandage at all, but the vets had to construct a makeshift “boot” (out of a plasma bag – vet DIY!) to make sure the bandaging didn’t get wet. Of course I had to video the “boot walk” (because I’m mean like that).

Hope everyone is having a fabulous week, and see you for furry friday!


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