furry friday

furry friday celebrates the snowpocalypse

We were supposed to get a LOT of snow this week. Some reports were saying six inches, and some were saying twenty-four. As a precaution, the university  The Man and I both work at closed at 1 p.m. on Monday, and called off school on Tuesday as well. When we got up early on Tuesday morning, we were sorely disappointed. BARELY any snow!

But Abby made the best of it anyway. She put on her fanciest RC Pet winter coat that Grandma WriterCat got her as an early birthday present and prepared for fun.


She said hi to Takara, her friend next door and the tussled a bit.


She ate snowballs, because duh.


And The Man created a fake snow fall for her.


Needless to say, after about thirty minutes she was a VERY tired puppy, but very happy. We can’t wait to have a real snow fall to see what she does because if this is any indication? She’ll go nuts.

Hope everyone was warm and safe and dry during the storms this week!

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