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National Organization Day/Month!

Yesterday was National Organization Day! Did I know that when the day began? No. All I knew was I was cold, I woke up early because the puppy was dry heaving while laying ON TOP OF ME, and I felt under-caffeinated the whole rest of the day. Hence no blog post in honor of one of my favorite things.

But no fear! According to the National Association of Professional Organizers, I have a whole MONTH to get my stuff in gear. THANKFULLY. Because organization has taken on a whole new meaning in this house in the past six months.

Not only have we added a puppy into our house, but we also essentially removed a bathroom from it. How does that impact organization, you say? Well our second floor bathroom – the MAIN bathroom and one of only 2 in our three story + basement house – is not usable. It’s not like the thing was of Taj Mahal proportions anyway, but by “main” bathroom I mean the one where we showered, got ready, stored medications, and had the adjacent linen closet full of towels, toiletries, and what-not.

That means that since roughly July, all of our products and such had to be somewhere else. That “somewhere else” means mostly in the guest room. Our third floor bathroom has a stand up shower basin and a sink and medicine cabinet. NO storage whatsoever. It’s not even a vanity; it is a sink with legs.

On top of that we have PUPPY. Puppies eat things, move things, steal things, and generally get underfoot. Oh – AND THEY WANT TOYS. Oh and both me and The Man work full time. You’re probably thinking, “So what? Crate her.” Bless your soul. We would if we could but our poor baby has SEVERE crate aversion and a Jaws like appetite when it comes to gnawing on things that smell like us when we’re gone. Don’t believe me? Just wait for the post where I show the remote controls, cordless phones, shoes, and shirts she has eaten.

Needless to say, organization has taken on a whole new meaning in my life these days. I can still tell you where my tie-dyed Calvin and Hobbs t-shirt from high school is but I’d prove it by going down to the basement and getting it for you while tripping over one of 500 dog toys strewn about each level of our house. New year, though, and new goals and all. Anything that you’re planning on getting organized in 2015?


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