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Another year…

This month is just flying by and I can’t believe it is only *gasp* ten days until Christmas! My to do list keeps getting longer and the days seem to miraculously grow shorter.
The beginning of the month went by so fast that I almost forgot to tell you that I am another year older – 33 to be exact. My birthday weekend was spent with my mom who thankfully watched the crazy puppy while I did a bit of Christmas shopping (and spoiled me with some amazing sweaters and directive to buy some things for myself while shopping for others!) I also got to replace my four year old cell phone because I dropped it in water.
While I was really upset because it was a careless accident I was overdue for an upgrade. Thankfully I only had to spend $30 for a brand new phone. So, as I type this, I am on my fancy New LG G3 which is AMAZING. I’m not one to spend hours on my phone. Quite the opposite, I actually tend to stay off my phone once I’m out of work. This new phone has spoiled me, though. Easier to use and a bigger screen, I may just have to start updating my blog more often just for an excuse to play with it!
Now I’m off to do some much overdue holiday crocheting. Hope everyone is having a good time getting ready for the holidays!


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