feline friday

feline friday is just a little bit older…

A few weeks ago, the Man and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary. Celebrations have been kept a little low key the past few years as we’ve renovated the house, struggled with opposite work schedules, and focused on getting ourselves to a good place with our house, our jobs, and life in general. Presents have been practical instead of frivolous, and thoughtful rather than spur of the moment. Most of the time, the presents are just giving of ourselves, which is something I think we take for granted way too often.

The Man escaped to do some last minute shopping and said he’d pick up dinner from a local fast-food place and I was totally fine with it. Yes, it was our anniversary but just having a night together was enough for me.

Lo and behold, an amazing dinner was prepared in the kitchen while I was up in the attic working from home. And of course, in typical Luna fashion, she made herself known by deciding she was going to eat dinner with us.


I’ve been a little lenient on Luna regarding her behavior of late. While I typically hate for her to get on the counters in the kitchen, she now has her own counter space with her food bowl so she can escape Abby.

She has also lost a lot of weight in the past few months. Part of it, I suspect, is that she is mourning Loki. Part of it (or most of it) is probably because she’s constantly running away from the crazy dog. So I wasn’t shocked by her behavior.

And part of it, is that my little girl is eleven this month. It’s hard to believe that she’s getting up there in years, but she is a little lazier, and a little more cautious before she jumps on to anything. But of course, she is still my kitty.

So happy belated anniversary to my amazing husband, and happy birthday to my kitty. Hope you all have a lovely feline friday and a gorgeous weekend ahead of you!


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