feline friday, furry friday

feline friday is testy

It’s kind of funny. One of my co-workers just said to me yesterday that I never mention the cats anymore. Rest assured, Luna and Loki still live here. They still are not huge fans of Abby, though. I have to say that I did not expect Luna and Loki’s reactions to the puppy. I was absolutely sure that Loki would warm up to her because he has always wanted Luna to be a playmate which she would have none of. Luna has been far more curious. She’ll walk right up to Abby and test her, seeing if Abby will bark. And while Abby has gotten swatted MULTIPLE times, it has never been with claws out. I guess that’s a good sign?

We had a friend over for dinner tonight and as much as I hate the cats on the table, we were done eating and just talking when Luna decided the dining chair wasn’t good enough anymore and the table would be much better.


Abby, of course, was sitting right below me. At one point, Luna dangled her paw over the edge of the table, taunting Abby to no end. Abby took the bait. And immediately regretted her actions.


She got bopped on the nose, no claws. Poor Abby. All she wants is a friend. But my little felines will have none of it. Maybe when she’s older?


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