feline friday

feline friday loves water

I would love to post a lovely picture of Abby with one of the kitties this week, but we’re still at the “hiss-and-run” phase of their relationship.

I have a funny feeling that Luna resents Abby for one primary reason: the water bowl. As a lot of kitty owners know, kitties are picky and love drinking running water. Whether it’s the faucet or the shower or a fountain, it has to be fresh, clean, running water. Luna is no different, so for the majority of her life she’s had a ceramic water fountain WITH a filter (because she’s spoiled).

Occasionally, though, the water fountain isn’t good enough and we resort to ONLY drinking from WATER GLASSES. Because Abby has discovered the cold deliciousness of the cat fountain, Luna is now very hesitant to drink out of it. Consequently, we have several water glasses left in strategic not-dog-height places. And if you’re drinking water? It’s hers. And if the water isn’t at a height where she can stick her head in the glass and still drink? Well, see exhibit A below:

Hope you all had a wonderful week!


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