this crazy life

rainy birthday

Working on your birthday is never fun. Working on your birthday in the pouring rain, even less so. Which is exactly how the Man’s day is shaping up. Hopefully, though, it’s not all bad.

The celebrating actually started on Friday when some wonderful friends of ours loaded down Paul with balloons and special coffees and candies as a birthday gift.


Even though we both had to work, I tried to surprise the Man a bit. The night before I had arranged a box of apple turnovers and his cards on the dining room table, so when the alarm went off this morning and the coffee had finished brewing, I dragged him downstairs with me to “get coffee” and promptly sat him down to enjoy breakfast and birthday cards (which the cats had thankfully/surprisingly left alone overnight). For dinner, my mom gifted the Man a fabulous dinner from a Middle Eastern restaurant near where we work. And then for dessert, I surprised him with a specialty cupcake from our favorite bakery.

So was it a traditional birthday? No. Do I wish I could have made it more special? Yes. But do I love him with all of my heart? Yes.

Happy birthday, love of my life.



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