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is it spring yet?!

Despite YET ANOTHER SNOW DAY here, I’m looking forward to Spring. No, I can’t see my grass and the crocuses are smart enough to keep their heads down, but I’m holding out hope that sometime in the near future I’ll be able to step outside and not slip on ice. But that doesn’t mean that the gloom of this time of year isn’t getting me down. It is. Majorly.

I’m depressed for a multitude of reasons, like losing my part time job which has put a HUGE strain on things. But last week I decided to cheer myself up and do what any smart woman does: SHOP! Yeah I know, I just said our finances suck. So how did I do it? GIFT CARDS!!!!! You can call me crazy, but when I get a gift card, I plan and scheme and stalk the store website until I can find the best deals to max out the gift I’ve been given. One of the gift cards I had was to Bed Bath & Beyond, so I treated myself to, among other things, a…..

*drumroll please*

IRON CADDY AND BOARD HOLDER! (yes, no joke, I’m excited about this.) I was so excited when it came in the mail, and this weekend I got it installed. You see, I do my ironing in my office on the second floor (which has my clothing closet so it doubles as a dressing room) and while I love the bright color of my ironing board, I hate that you see it in the first room when you come upstairs. Introducing my Real Simple Iron Caddy!

IMG_20140301_114955_864Because we have old doors that are finicky when you close them to begin with, chose to permanently mount my caddy inside the door of the linen closet. I got very lucky that my door is juuuuuust tall enough to accommodate the caddy with the ironing board on it and still close. After about 15 minutes, voila!

IMG_20140301_152406_619It actually took longer to wait for the drill batter to charge than install this. Two screws and I was done! (And yes, dear, I checked to make sure it was level. Like twenty times.)

My mom keeps telling me to go outside, look around, and if I see a life grab it because I obviously need one (and trust me she’s right!) but this stupid $15 caddy made me so deliriously happy. It’s the first step in my Spring cleaning goals and I couldn’t be more excited! (That is, if Spring ever comes….)


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