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fluffy feline friday – Valentine’s breakfast edition

Don’t worry – I’m not calling the kitties fluffy or fat.  I’m just referring to the AMAZING pancakes that the Man made for breakfast this morning.  The Man has never made me pancakes before, so why the change? Well when we bought the house we got this amazing stove that has a ginormous oval center burner that you can use with a griddle. And said griddle does not actually come WITH the stove. But about a month ago I had the idea to finally order the griddle insert that goes to our stove as a surprise, and gave it to the Man this morning.

1779684_10202497731261330_29437927_nNeedless to say he was excited, and more than willing to make pancakes which was a fabulous start to the morning.

The cats didn’t get anything special this year for Valentine’s Day, and they didn’t even get to share our breakfast.  Well… sorta.

IMG_20140214_143931_721Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s a kitty with a pancake on her head. ❤


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