feline friday

feline friday is a little chubby

Tis the season to eat yummy foods and put on a little weight.  But here in our house, we are trying to make sure that our feline friends keep a trim waist.  Luna is not that large. She’s about 11 pounds but the vet said overall she’s at a healthy weight. Little man Loki, however, is a bit too big for his metaphorical britches, weighing in at about 17 pounds and way past puberty so no more growing for that one.

We’ve tried lots of foods to help our indoor cats lose weight, but the one they like the most is Royal Canin.  The only problem is the pricetag. It is INSANELY expensive for dry food, so we usually mix it with a less expensive brand.  Recently we got VERY lucky with a great deal.

I have been shopping on soap.com and wag.com for a while now because of the convenience of free shipping and three day delivery. The prices are amazing (usually the same or lower than local stores) and I even order my cat litter (because who wants to carry 30 pounds through a store, put it in a car, and then drag it inside the house???). Even better? I ordered cat litter, cat food, toilet paper, dish detergent, and some snacks on Tuesday night at about 10 pm, and at 7 pm on Wednesday they were at my door.

I’m not sure how long it will last, but right now you can try a small bag of Royal Canin for $5.00 by entering “TRYRC” at checkout. Usually a small bag is $14.99 so that is an AWESOME deal.

Hope you’re all having an awesome Feline Friday and hopefully you have a new place to shop for you AND your furriends.

(And no, I’m not endorsed by wag.com but I wouldn’t mind it! 🙂 )


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