Veterans Day

Yesterday was the Marine Corps birthday which was well celebrated in our house, namely by going down to Cookie’s Tavern to celebrate with a couple hundred Marines in the way Philly knows best – by shutting down a few blocks and partying in the middle of the street! And of course today is Veterans Day.  There are a million things I could post about tonight… how proud I am of the Man and my father-in-law and grandfather-in-law and my own father for their service. How people give up so much to protect us. How we often take so much for granted and should be grateful for the country we live in.  But I’m putting away my soap box for today.

Instead, I’ll share this: soldiers reunited with their four legged friends. It’s a lot more lighthearted than most things you could watch today, but sometimes you need that.

So Happy Belated 238th Birthday Marine Corps. And thank you to every veteran out there for your service, your love of country, and your willingness to sacrifice for all we hold dear.


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