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is it bedtime yet?

I absolutely LOVE the fall. The changing leaves, the cooler days, the crisp scents, the apples and pumpkins (and the lattes both bring),and wearing turtlenecks makes me VERY happy. What I don’t like? IT’S DARK. Which is DEPRESSING.

Whenever it starts getting dark at 5 pm, it feels like the days draaaaaaaaaaaaag oooooooooooon and ooooooooooooooooooooooooooon. No sooner do I get home from work and eat dinner than I feel like it’s time to find a book and get into bed. Now, granted, this isn’t a bad thing because typically I don’t sleep enough between being a night owl and the Man working nights. But it’s getting harder and harder to be productive at night when I’m constantly checking my clock, thinking I get to go to sleep, and it’s only 8:30 p.m.

But I do find it depressing.  With my stress levels at work steadily rising, as they will for the next month or so, I find it really hard to rewind at night with idle hands and a racing mind. So what better excuse to let the season of hardcore crocheting begin! There’s nothing like curling up on the sofa with a cat and some yarn and making goodies for the holidays. It may be a bit early to start making gingerbread and snowman ornaments, but I don’t care! If it passes the night and keeps me from feeling mopey, I’ll take it.

What do you do to pass the long fall and winter nights?


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