feline friday

feline… saturday?

It was about 1 a.m. when I realized that I had committed the cardinal sin of alliterative weekly blog posts. I did not post a pic for feline friday!!! How could I? Feline Saturday just doesn’t have the same ring! And today I saw this pic of Nahla, my sister-in-law’s cat, and her expression sums it up.

Nahla is not amused
Nahla is not amused

I know that you all just sit and wait at your computers all day, constantly refreshing my page, waiting with anticipation pulsing through your veins just to see a picture of one of my furry felines. But I failed you, and I apologize. But hey – instead you get Nahla, being neither amused nor impressed with my epic fail.

It’s a bit dismal here today, raining on and off, and I promise I had a very good reason for neglecting my weekly post. You’ll find out later. šŸ™‚


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