DIY & reno

itsy etsy

While I haven’t been doing a lot of home renos lately (unless you count tearing apart the gardens!) I have continued with my crocheting! It may be small, but my Etsy is growing! I have been enjoying taking photos of my creations, but it’s hard to time the best light in my house to show my critters off.  With just a simple PHD (push-here-dummy) digital camera, positioning and natural light are key.

Excitingly, I recently received this in my email:

etsy first saleI could not possibly have been more elated when I received the email.  Sometimes I wonder what I’m sitting here cramping my fingers for at night as I sew on eyes and noses and tails.  Sure it’s amusing to see Luna and Loki try to stick their heads in the container of catnip, but the satisfaction of having my first (hopefully happy!) customer was overwhelming.

So one critter at a time, my crocheting will continue!



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