feline friday

feline friday – window love

I promised myself that I wouldn’t post a picture of the cats in the bedroom this week. But then I went upstairs to get my camera and I found Loki guarding my SJU sweatshirt a.k.a. basking in the sun and just generally loving the open window. You have to click on these to enlarge and show the true beauty *ahem* manliness of his green eyes…

you no take sweatshirt
you no take sweatshirt

And of course, he got shy, knowing I was taking his picture.

is this my good side?
is this my good side?

A few snaps later, my watch was reflecting on the ceiling and became the most fascinating thing in the world.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABut it was a priceless opportunity to get a fabulous photo of his epically long whiskers and gorgeous eyes.  A few minutes later, Luna realized that we were taking photos and that there was room for her on the radiator cover.

"I have perfected my glare of disdain at my brother"
“I have perfected my glare of disdain at my brother”

But soon she became bored and started staring at the bird perched in the tree below.

"Think I can catch one for dinner?"
“Think I can catch one for dinner?”

And because I thought this was the funniest thing ever, I’ll leave you with Buzzfeed’s “Definitive Collection of Cat Gifs”.


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