feline friday

feline friday – tolerance edition

I want to assure you all that we do in fact let our cats out of our bedroom, and we do have more than just a bedroom to our house (otherwise I wouldn’t have this blog!). That being said, our cats spend the majority of their time sleeping, and the majority of their cute poses happen to be in those sleepy, just-waking-up hours of the day.

I snapped this pic a few days ago when I had just woken up. Yes, cats are cute. Yes, the cats typically both sleep with me. What is so odd is that they were less than a foot apart from each other AND not fighting!!!!!

Luna is a typical former “only cat” and is a spoiled princess.  She doesn’t hate Loki, but by no means does she love him either.  There is a tolerance that exists, and as much as Loki tries to snuggle with her, she usually just hisses and slaps him.

So, without further ado, here is the miracle pic of them ALMOST getting along on this fine feline friday!

2013-04-16 10.14.44


1 thought on “feline friday – tolerance edition”

  1. Their relationship sounds like some marriages I have seen. They might be having a typical married couple conversation.

    She “Are you going to get up sometime today?”
    He “I’m thinking about it.”

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