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National Craft Month!

It’s halfway through National Craft Month! Recently I’ve been crocheting my little fingers off in preparation for posting a few items on my Etsy store and in preparation for this blog’s FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY!

One of the most frequent questions I get is what kind of crochet hooks I use and prefer.  I actually am spoiled. A few years ago for Christmas the Man bought me hand turned wood crochet hooks.


They’re made by Turn of the Century, and each one is a different kind of wood. For amigurumi, I tend to use a “G” hook which is made out of Kingwood. One of the side benefits to these is that I feel like I have my own set of Harry Potter wands.

wingardium leviosa!
wingardium leviosa!

I also recently scored an amazing find at a thrift store.  For $6.00, I snagged this fabulous old “knitting” bag.


The fabric is funky, but it is absolutely sturdy and holds my hooks, my current critters, and about 6 skeins of yarn!


While I certainly make scarves and blankets, my absolute favorite crocheting projects are my amigurumi.


Most of my patterns are found online, but I recently starting experimenting with my own. Once you get the hang of how the increases/decreases work, the options are endless.

So, without further ado, the giveaway!  Two lucky readers will win an amigurumi of their choosing!

Choice # 1: Tabitha Turtle


Choice #2: Cat Toys – Mabel Mouse and catnip ball. Both stuffed with catnip!


All you have to do is comment on this blog (by scrolling to the top and clicking “leave a comment”) and, in honor of national crafting month, tell me one thing you love to craft or would love to learn how to craft.

Two winners will be selected March 31 using a random number generator. Make sure you enter your email correctly when commenting so that I can contact you! You’ll get your choice of Tabitha or Mabel mailed to you.

So, with just over two weeks left of crafting to go, I’ll leave you with a picture of my catnip mouse prototype tester. Happy commenting!

don't worry - she's trained.
don’t worry – she’s trained.

8 thoughts on “National Craft Month!”

  1. Tabitha turtle! she looks like a great Maly friend! I love crafting goodies! (Or.. John loves crafting goodies) Either way Cat gets tasty truffles out of the deal 🙂

    1. I love eating crafted goodies made by John…. very very much so….. I craft precision paper punching implements which are a joy to utilize.

  2. I would love to learn to craft an octopus. I have a feeling that the tentacles would be hard work, but adorable and fun to play with! 🙂

    Your Tabitha turtle looks so cute! Happy National Crafting Month!

  3. Hello! 🙂 In case you didn’t receive my most recent email, I replied requesting if you could send it to the address I had originally gave you, the one with “Kimono”. Thank you again!

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