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leaving on a jet plane…

I hate it when the man has to leave. Last year when he had to go on a two week training exercise, I re-did our master bedroom which was a huge surprise for him to come home to.  So now that he’s leaving again, I have to pick my next project.

We just had the rest of the knob & tube wiring removed from our house, so I’ve been left with patches all over the house from where they had to go in the walls. Thankfully, because the guys at Reali Electric are AMAZING, none of my woodwork was harmed.  And their new addition (well, new to me since we had them in our house last year) Angie is a goddess with spackle. You can’t tell where the holes they made in our textured plaster ceiling were. And I don’t mean just one tiny hole. I mean a plethora of 3 inch long holes all over our foyer and upstairs hallway.

So now I’m faced with two weeks to do projects.

What would you like to see me do?


7 thoughts on “leaving on a jet plane…”

  1. Considering the man loves to cook these gourmet meals do the cabinets for him. Thinking he’ll live that surprise! But then again go with what needs the most work and attention done first.

  2. I vote that we skip the projects and go shoe shopping! Ok, ok, you know me, vote for kitchen cabinets.

  3. UPDATE: Thank you for all the votes! I’ve gotten some messages from voters asking what the final decision was and it will be revealed in my post next week 🙂

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