working it

As I’m writing this, I’m linked into my VPN for work, formatting and printing documents for an important site visit that is happening this coming Monday and Tuesday. I’ve already worked 56 hours this week. Last week wasn’t much better.

So tonight, as my man is up in Massachusetts for the christening of a dear friends baby boy, I partook of a dinner of Triscuits and cheese, and instead of relaxing just kept working.  I could go to bed. I’ve watched Dateline, and Jay Leno isn’t really that funny anymore but I’m too lazy to change the TV channel.

And tomorrow, under threat of an impending “Spring Noreaster”, I’ll be going to work early in the morning, and who knows how many hours I’ll be putting in.

So to those of you who keep coming back to my blog, maybe expecting an update, just know that it’s on hold (much like my living room renovation) as I’m working it. I promise, I’ve got some good entries already written in my head.Some really exciting things have happened to the house in the pas weeks, but days and nights spent staring at my computer screen have sapped me of the energy to do anything for me – like this blog.

Sunday I’ll get a chance to breath, take a break. I’ll probably do my own nails and spend some quality time with my closet picking the “perfect” outfits for Monday and Tuesday. Hellweek is coming to an end, but the real stress is just beginning.

How do you deal with stress? Any words of advice? Who wants to come pick my outfits?


3 thoughts on “working it”

  1. take whatever time you need, we will be here waiting for you! Stress stinks but I find I handle it better if I am well rested, if I eat the right foods, and if I stay hydrated. Good luck, you will be AWESOME!

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